This 4' long table was built one summer morning from an Eidsness Construction Guide design for 7 to 8 year olds.

It was built using 2 x 4 spruce lumber cut to size with a mitre saw. Holes drilled with an electric drill and a 3/8" diameter bit.

The table was low cost and easy to build. We used 2 x 4 lumber that was left over from another job. Only had to purchase 8 - 3/8" diameter Carriage Bolts, flat washers, nuts, a pound of 3" common nails and a couple 120 grit sheets of sand paper.

No jig setup or guessing was required since the plans show precisely where the bolt holes need to be drilled. Plans also show the cross dimension for squaring up the end assembly. Additional nails were added around each bolt connection for extra strength.

All legs should be pressure treated lumber (with wood preservatives) for rot resistance over time due to ground moisture at the leg bearing points. One leg in this table is not pressure treated because we only used materials available to us at the time.

Some more photos of a small table under construction.

The photo below shows the underside of the table prior to the centre support and braces being installed.

 The photo below shows the assembled table before being lightly sanded and stained.
End cut preservative was applied to the bottom cut of each leg.

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