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No learning curve here, simply input the data on the Design Panel and watch the plan changes on the right.

1.  The "Title " box inserts a title that will appear on all plans.

2.  "Imperial" or "Metric" measure can be selected at any time before, during or after inputting design criteria

3.  "% Factor" reduces the input design criteria for scaled down purposes such as model building

4.  "Grid" feature is an on/off option that shows blue background lines during design

5.  "Reverse end supports" is an on/off option that places the legs inside or out side the stable supports

6.  "Size Guide" is an option that appears after the title showing an estimated age for table users based on table size.

7.  The table area box is a window that displays a scaled plan view of the table as it is being designed

8.  The "Gaps" slide bar will add or subtract spaces between the table and seat members in 1/16" increments

9.  The "Set Back" slide will add or subtract horizontal space between the table and the seat

10.  The "Table Length" slide bar will add or subtract the table and seat length

11.  The "Table Height" slide bar will add or subtract the table height

12.  The "Seat Height" slide bar will add or subtract the seat height

13.  The "Overhang" slide bar is for the table and seat member overhang distance from the supporting member

14.  The "Table" dropdown box is used to select the lumber size for the tale top members, the dimensions appear in the edit boxes following the dropdown boxes, this allows the designer to enter other dimensions that will override the dropdown box default settings

15.  The "Seat, Legs, Table Support, Seat Support, and Brace" dropdown boxes work in the same manner as the "Table dropdown box described above.

16.  The "Auto" checkbox following the "Brace" is an option that allows the designer to resize the brace width to match the table support width that it will abut and attach too

This user friendly software produces detailed custom plans.

The software interface has a single design panel that generates plans that can be saved or printed out. Printout options allows user flexibility to choose the level of detail desired from a one page plan to a small booklet.

All software programs are unique in that client data can be hard coded (pre-programmed) into the applications for advertising purposes . Client data will appear on the plans.

This windows exe program is not a package of files requiring an install program. It is a single small executable application about 3.2 MB in size. An earlier complimentary version was uploaded over 10 years ago to Like the earlier version, there are no files to install or uninstall, just click the executable program and run.

Just a note about "False Positives". False Positives refers to legitimate software flagged as unsafe. Some antivirus software and computer security functions may tend to err on the side of caution by prompting unsafe warnings for software unknown to them regardless whether the application is safe or not.

Family Adult Size 22% scaled model