This user friendly software produces detailed custom plans.

The software interface has a single design panel that generates plans that can be saved or printed out. Printout options allows user flexibility to choose the level of detail desired from a one page plan to a small booklet.

All software programs are unique in that client data can be hard coded (pre-programmed) into the applications for advertising purposes . Client data will appear on the plans.

This windows exe program is not a package of files requiring an install program. It is a single small executable application (3 to 4 MB ) based on the original complimentary program uploaded in 2009 to Nothing to install or uninstall, just click and run.

Just a note about "False Positives".  False Positives refers to legitimate software flagged as unsafe.  Antivirus software and computer security functions tend to err on the side of caution by prompting unsafe warnings for software unknown to them regardless whether the application is safe or not.